Down the Research Rabbit Hole: Night Mail Beacons

It started with one of those web articles shared over and over again on Facebook, with a title trying so hard to be mysterious but after seeing it over and over again only seemed tired.

The Forgotten Giant Arrows that Guide You Across America

After the fourth or fifth “share” I saw posted in my news feed, I figured it was worth ten minutes of my time. I clicked the link, and by the end of the article I was just a little bit enchanted with the derring-do of a pilot flying mail across the country in the dark, manually, with only visual aids to guide him.

I continue to look for more information on the Aerial Beacon Network that Could (and Did). Some of the resources I found or followed links to that I found interesting follow.

Airmail and Airway Beacons [from original article]

Zhanna’s Survey Marks: Airway Beacons List – Eastern U.S. [from original article]
Zhanna’s Survey Marks: Airway Beacons List – Western U.S. [from original article]

Google Maps satellite image of the extant concrete arrow and beacon pad in Hurricane, UT [from original article]

Airway Beacons III Passport in Time Project [from original article]

Google Maps satellite image of another type of airmail waypoint in Payson, AZ

Some kind soul has plotted all of Zhanna’s coordinates above into one master Google map of beacon locations.

Another kind soul is in the process of recording the location of extant concrete arrows at this webpage.

On Wings of Faith: Navigating the First Day/Night Transcontinental

Wikipedia entry on Air Mail – included for possible additional reference from citations

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