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Easter dinner planning

Hibou-by-the-Bay is hosting Easter dinner for the first time, and it’s my first time cooking Easter dinner since, I think, the year that GIJ threw out his back and I refused to let him sit in the car for two hours each way driving to his family’s Easter gathering. That was … 2004? A very long time ago.

(I feel ancient just TYPING that.)

I have only the vaguest ideas of what I want to cook for Easter dinner, but I’m about to venture out and hit up Wegmans to do the big shopping for things I don’t need to buy fresh. Wegmans is a dangerous place to be if you don’t have even some semblance of a plan. I’ve gotten it down to

- ham
- carrots [I like the look of this recipe]
- green beans [this recipe]
- scalloped potatoes [oh, Martha.]
- green jello salad [potentially this recipe]
- chocolate pie [NEED to get the GF crust at Wegmans]
- hot cross buns [potentially this recipe]
- some other kind of roll or biscuit
- something else for dessert? carrot cake?

Ay yi yi.