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INALJ Biography – February 2013

Adrith’s Twitter account will tell you that she is a “MLIS, gamer girl, Army wife, very slow runner.” She is a proud graduate of the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama, whose online program let her get her degree even while the military loomed overhead with its potential for relocation. Originally from New Hampshire, in the last ten years she has lived in Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland. She and her soldier husband have just bought their first home in Annapolis, so perhaps she will be calling that “home” for some time to come. (Go Navy!, wait..)

Adrith’s area of professional interest is in helping new librarians begin their professional involvement, and is thrilled to have an opportunity to assist others in their library job searches, even as she looks to complete her own.

When not editing or browsing INALJ, Adrith can be found practicing and rehearsing for her latest choral performance. In her “free time” she enjoys running, photography, crocheting, and mediating disputes between the family’s cat and new puppy.

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